3Shape Trios New York Dental Lab

3Shape Trios Scanner add us with the Trios Ready program

Adding our lab to your 3Shape Trios scanner is very easy.  You simply need to add us as a ‘Connection’ inside your 3Shape Communicate software console.

Simply create a connection to our lab using the email address scanner@mtlnyc.com and we will receive your connection request instantly.

Once we are connected, you can start sending us digital impressions from your 3Shape Trios scanner – we are part of the Trios Ready program.

As a client, you will be able to send us your crown and bridge work, including EMAX, BruxZir and a wide range of implants.

In the meantime, here’s some more info about the Trios Ready program

TRIOS® Ready connects you

We live in a connected world. The faster and simpler the connection to your customer, the better for your business.

The 3Shape TRIOS Scanner Ready program cloud-connects dental practices and labs. It means dentists using TRIOS can find a lab listed below and simply connect with them to share scans, discuss cases and much more. It means your lab listed below can receive and work with TRIOS digital impressions and dentists can easily find you.

Share scans and case information securely

3Shape Communicate™ enables simple, secure cloud-based sharing of 3Shape scans, designs and case information to enhance workflow efficiency, build relationships, and improve final treatment results.

Fast file sharing, easy access

Use 3Shape Communicate™ from your smart phone, tablet and web browser to send and review scans, case information and treatment designs.

For more information about getting the 3Shape TRIOS Scanner and how to get set up with Trios Communicate, visit 3Shape’s website.

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