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Greater New York Dental Meeting Course Guide: In Office 3D Printed Implant Surgical Guides

With the advent of accurate low cost 3D printing technology, the in-office fabrication of dental implant surgical guides is now within the reach of most dentists. The cost for in-office guides can be as low as $20. The steps necessary to fabricate a prosthetically driven surgical guide are outlined and demonstrated. Selection of a 3D printer is discussed. Live 3D printing demonstrations are performed. In this hands-on workshop, all attendees perform the steps necessary to post and process 3D printed surgical guides to ensure proper fit and accuracy. Use of various dental implant surgical guide techniques is discussed and tips are given to achieve maximum accuracy and implant placement success.


  • the datasets necessary for surgical guide fabrication and what equipment is necessary to acquire that data
  • if in office surgical fabrication is right for your practice
  • the importance of using surgical guides on most cases to avoid complications in implant placement


You can register for the course on the GNYDM website




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