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New York Dental Lab FAQ: Do You Make Clear Retainers? and how fast can you make them?

Do your patients ever lose their clear retainers? Do they need replacements fast?

Here at MobileTek, we can make clear retainers for your patients quickly and at a reasonable price.

Making these clear retainers is pretty straight forward – and the best part of using a local lab means we can get them made for you quickly.

Our standard turnaround time for a clear retainer is 1 business week – but we can make them as fast as same day – Our current standard pricing is $60 per retainer or 2 for $90 (the 2 for $90 price can be for 1 upper + 1 lower OR duplicates of upper or lower)

So please consider us for your retainers.

Thanks – Happy 2020

So those are the basics, if you have any other questions about our offerings, please email me at or call us at 212-951-7325.


David Birnbaum

Owner, MobileTek Dental Labs NYC

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