New York Dental Lab FAQ: How quickly can you repair a denture?

When dentures break, you need them repaired fast – and we are here to help with that!

How quickly can you repair a denture?

Of course the answer all depends on what needs to be fixed.  What we classify as ‘simple denture repairs’ can usually be performed in 2 hours or so.  Simple repairs are things like reattaching a tooth, repairing a split palate or adding a brand new tooth to an existing partial or denture. This applies to acrylic dentures and acrylic partials.  Often we can perform these simple repairs while your patient waits – we are located in the heart of midtown and there are plenty of stores and restaurants nearby to keep them occupied while we fix their denture.

These ‘simple denture repairs’ cover about 90% of all the repairs we see.  The other 10% can be a little more involved and we would need to know the details before committing to a timeframe for the repair – you can call us at 212-951-7325 to tell us what you need – and we will do our best to get things taken care of quickly so that your patients can get back on track.

Also for reference, we can only work with patients who are sent to us by their dentist – if you happen to be on this page and you are not a dentist, you should contact your dentist.

So those are the basics, if you have any other questions about our offerings, please email me at or call us at 212-951-7325.


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