#9 Diamond D Acrylic Flipper

New York Dental Lab FAQ: How quickly can you make a flipper?

So here at MobileTek Labs, we are asked this question ALMOST EVERY DAY:

How quickly can you make a flipper?

The simple answer is that if we are talking about a single tooth acrylic flipper, we can produce the flipper in about 2 hours once it is at the lab.  When we have to make a flipper this quickly there are some logistics to iron out as far as pickup and delivery – but we are here to help plan the details out with you.  This is New York after all – your patients want things quickly and we are happy to make it happen.  Of course, this speed comes with a price – for same day service we charge 2.5x our regular price.  For next day service we charge 2X regular price, and for 48 hour service we charge 1.5X regular price.  Our standard turnaround on an acrylic flipper is 5 business days (1 calendar week).

If you are looking for a Valplast flexie style flipper, we generally require 6 hours for those – and the same pricing schedule applies – standard turnaround is 5 business days (1 calendar week).  For same day service, it’s 2.5X regular price, next day = 2X and 48 hours = 1.5X.

So those are the basics, if you have any other questions about our offerings, please email me at david@mtlnyc.com or call us at 212-951-7325.


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Owner, MobileTek Dental Labs NYC

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